"It's like the holy grail of iPad management"

Mark Williamson – Woodbrook Vale School

Choose the right MDM for your school

ZuluDesk is listed on Apple’s Education page as preferred MDM for schools that want to take full advantage of all new iOS features!

Why choose ZuluDesk?


Less distractions. Better learning.

Learning with IT without the hassle

  • Your Apple infrastructure managed
  • Built for schools
  • Overview of software and computer usage
  • Tools for IT, Teachers and Parents
  • Ease the burden for the IT Department
  • Support parents to keep their children focussed
  • Rapid rollout of new features and updates
  • Transparent pricing (only 5 EUR per device / per year for the full package)
  • Unlimited free updates and new features

Check the 25 minute introduction to ZuluDesk video here: click

ZuluDesk Teacher v2

Keep or regain control

Learning and Teaching with iPads

  • You decide the focus
  • Lock students in an app or multiple apps
  • Allow students to access / deny certain sites
  • Restrictions (for example disable camera)
  • Prepare lessons
  • Send an app to a student or the entire classroom
  • View the screen of a student and see what they are doing
  • See general information about the students’ device
  • Clear passcode (in case a student forgets the passcode)
  • Apple Classroom app

Find out more: ZuluDesk Teacher

Empower the IT department

Powerful & Easy to use MDM

  • Easy to use interface
  • Step-by-step wizard that helps you with the initial configuration
  • Quick implementation of new features (often zero-day release)
  • Unlimited free updates and new features
  • Full support for new educational features in iOS 9.3
  • Apple School Manager / DEP and VPP fully supported
  • Sync with Apple School Manager
  • App distribution
  • Support for Shared iPad
  • Clear passcode (in case a student forgets the passcode)
  • And much, much more…

Find out more: ZuluDesk Management System
Or check the 25 minute introduction to ZuluDesk video here: click

Get the most out of what Apple has to offer!

ZuluDesk supports iPad, iPhone and macOS computers

ZuluDesk Teacher App

The ZuluDesk Teacher app is designed for quick and easy use. You, as a teacher, are able to quickly manage devices in your classroom. The Teacher app can be used alongside Apple’s Classroom app.

ZuluDesk Parent

ZuluDesk Parent is specially designed for parents. When your son or daughter has to do homework on their iPad it is possible that he or she will be distracted by social media, text messages or gaming. With ZuluDesk Parent you as a parent are able to keep them focused.

ZuluDesk fully supports the use of Apple’s new Classroom App. With ZuluDesk you can easily configure devices of students, teachers and classes.

With “Shared iPad” more users can use the same iPad and have access to their own work. Configure profiles with ZuluDesk and assign apps and documents to a class. With our easy to use homescreen editor (drag and drop) you can manage each user’s homescreen.

IT Department

ZuluDesk has a powerful management system for the IT department. IT has to keep track of all devices. With the management system you can set policies and keep track of activities and incidents. It is important that IT has all the right tools for managing all iPads.

Easily setup syncing with Apple School Manager to import students, teachers and classes from Apple School Manager which can be used to configure Shared iPad, Classroom and ZuluDesk Teacher.

iOS Support

ZuluDesk supports iOS 7 and higher. iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch included. We always supports the newest features that Apple has to offer for iOS.


ZuluDesk supports macOS 10.8 and higher. We offer the unique feature to whitelist apps on a students Mac, the student can only use the apps that have been assigned to him/her.