ZuluDesk Parent

The ZuluDesk Parent app is specifically designed for parents. When your son or daughter has to do homework on an iPad it is possible that he or she will be distracted by social media, text messages or gaming. With ZuluDesk Parent you are able to restrict the tablet to a specific app for a period of time. During this restriction it is not possible to receive text message or push notifications. No distractions!

ZuluDesk Parent is used in a webbrowser, therefore it can be used on all web-enabled devices: a computer, any tablet or smartphone. The most important features of Zuludesk Parent:

  • Applock
  • Weblock
  • Restrictions
  • Device information
  • Check connection status of device(s)

To use ZuluDesk Parent, the school needs to have a license and grant parents access. Contact your school for more information. You can access ZuluDesk Parent by clicking the link below:

ZuluDesk Parent and kid

ZuluDesk Parent features





Using the restrictions feature, you can restrict the use of certain functionality of the device. For example: disable iMessage and FaceTime for a period of 15 minutes to make sure your son or daughter won’t be distracted by receiving calls or messages from friends.


With Applock you can lock the iPad of your child in one specific app. It is not possible to switch to other apps (for example games, Facebook, etc), also the iPad will mute all notifications (for example text messages). Focus guaranteed!


With Weblock you can lock your child in Safari and set a whitelist of sites that can be visited. For example, only allow wikipedia.org for a specific period of time to let your son or daughter do some research on a subject without the risk of him/her being distracted by friends using Facebook, iMessage, etc.